Spring 2013


  • Apr 8: Last-minute scehdule change: Instead of the project information session tomorrow, Martin will be giving lecture on standard loop optimizations. He will also give a lecture Wednesday on Software Pipelining. On Wednesday (April 17th) and Thursday (April 18th) Mike will give lectures on Parallelization and Memory Optimizations; Martin will give the relectures.

  • Mar 21: P4 is out. Happy hacking and have a nice spring break!

  • Mar 14: The submission system is finally live. Check out the link on the left and please report any bugs to cjtenny.

  • Feb 26: This year's lecture slides for lectures 1-7 have been posted. Sorry for the proprietary format.

  • Feb 24: Lectures have been shifted by a day for this week; see the schedule.

  • Feb 13: From the department of "it's still Tuesday somewhere", the Haskell skeleton has been released. Happy hacking!

  • Feb 12: Office hours have been posted on the General Overview Page

  • Feb 9: The Git class that was advertised for Sunday has been cancelled due to the storm. Oh well.

  • Feb 8: MIT is closed for the day. There will be no office hours today. However, regular office hour times will be annouced early next week.

  • Feb 7: The first project has been released! See the schedule page for handouts. Also, there is a class on git this Sunday that many of you may find helpful; the full posting is below.

    IAP may be officially over, but SIPB has a bonus class to sneak in! If you've taken any of our development classes over IAP, you definitely won't want to miss this class. Sick of managing multiple versions of files by hand? Sick of losing track of changes? Planning to work together with others on a project? Pursuing a job in the software industry? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this class is for you!

    Title: Git Will Make Your Life Better
    Who: Geoffrey Thomas
    Contact: sipb-iap-git@mit.edu
    When: This Sunday, 2/10, 2:00pm to 4:00pm
    Where: 4-237

    Decentralized version control has been one of the most influential innovations in software engineering in the last few years. This is an introductory class in the leading decentralized version control system, git. We'll start with a conceptual background, cover the most common commands, and end with some cool tricks. Familiarity with the UNIX command line is expected, but previous experience with git or another VCS is not required.

    Laptops are encouraged, as much of the class will involve hands-on exercises. Come a few minutes early if you want help setting up git on your computer. The class runs from 2-4, with time for questions or in-depth discussions afterwords.
  • Feb 6: The scanner / parser project will be released on Thursday during the project information session. Sorry for any confusion!

  • Feb 5: The first lecture is today; handouts are available on the schedule page. If we do not have enough space in 36-156, we will reserve another room ASAP, so stay tuned. Update: No need. Staying in 36-156.

  • Jan 29: 6.035 lectures and recitations will take place in 36-156. The first lecture will be on February 5th at 11am. See you then! (Please note: this website is under construction and much of the content is still outdated.)

Questions or comments regarding 6.035? Send e-mail to the TAs at 6.035-staff@mit.edu.

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